Update about Friday, May 25

- Tomorrow is Summer Birthday Celebration. If your child has a birthday in May, June or July, you can bring in a snack to share with the class!
- The students have taken home their materials and will no longer need their backpacks this year. They can leave them at home, but still bring their lunchbox! 
- Thursday folders do not need to be returned tomorrow. However, the "Growing and Changing" permission form is inside of the folder. If you would like your child to participate in the hour long lesson next Tuesday  morning, please sign and return the sheet! 
- Tomorrow, first grade is hosting a PJ day to save the penguins. If students bring in $1.50 or more, they can wear their PJ's to school to save the penguins. All money donated will be sent to the Yellow-Eyed Penguin trust in New Zealand. 
- At the end of the day tomorrow, 5th grade will be having a big kickball game. Students should wear (or bring) clothes appropriate for 88 degree weather, as well as a water bottle,…

Week of May 21 - May 25

Monday & Tuesday: Balaret!
Wednesday: Awards Ceremony 1:15 p.m.

Literacy - We will continue working on our poetry, focusing this week on figurative language and poetry in music.

Math - We are finishing up our unit on "Art in Math" by painting our murals on a canvas, and reflecting on our learning in this unit!

Science - Continuing our study of the human body with the nervous system.

Week of May 14th - May 18th

Important Upcoming Dates: - Wednesday 5/16: Field Day (all day - help primary 1/2 the day, play 1/2 the day) - Friday 5/18: Last Wordly Wise Test (Lesson 13) - Next Monday and Tuesday 5/21 & 5/22: Balaret Field Trip

Literacy: We are starting a fun unit on poetry. The students will be reading, analyzing and writing poems throughout the reminder of the school year. We will be putting a poetry book together about the human body, tying in literacy to what we have been learning about in science! I can't wait to see what the kids come up with :)

Science: We are continuing our studies on the human body this week, learning about the structure and function of Cardiovascular System. Thank you to Ms. Olcott and Mr. Jaquette for coming into the class and talking to our kids about different systems in the body and how they work together! 
Math: We are continuing our unit on "Art in Math" with Ratio, Rate and Percentage. The students start working on their final drafts for their murals…

Extra Extra! Read all about it!

The kids have been working so hard the past two weeks on creating their Revolutionary Newspapers. Each group was assigned an editor, who then chose their staff. Each staff member was required to write at least 1 story. Photojournalists were in charge of the images for the newspaper, and the head writer was in charge of the main article on the front page. Editors created the newspaper layout and edited the pieces for the writers in their groups. Each group chose a side, whether Loyalist or Rebel, to write for.

Click on the titles below to read the papers. The students have a color copy of their paper. It will go home today in their red binder. They did such a fabulous job!

The Massachusetts Post by: Adrian, Lydia, Leela (editor)
The Rebellious Writers by Kennah, Rodion, Georgia and Sam (editor)
The Tory Post by River, Isaac (editor), Annecy and Emman
News in a Minutemen by Jonah, Wesley (editor) and Trianna

Week of May 7th - May 11th

Important Information
- Night of the Arts is this Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. Band and Chorus will both be performing! - Students will have their final Diagnostic for Reading on Friday morning. If your child will not be here on Friday, please let me know and I will give them the Diagnostic on Thursday! - Checks for Balaret are due this week. Please make checks payable to Southmoor Elementary for $16.75.  - Survey results show that our field day T-shirts will be screen printed by a parent in Ms. Riley's class. A design was voted on and chosen today!  "Moose in Space wearing Shades" was designed by Trianna for her Art in Math project and will hopefully be used on the shirts!. Each child needs to bring $8.00 cash for their shirt.
Weekly Focus Literacy: Students are finishing up their Revolutionary Newspapers early this week. Their finished products will be shared with you and posted to our website! We will then begin our last unit of the year, poetry!
Math: We are continuing our le…

Week of April 30 - May 4

Informational parent Meeting this Thursday at 4:30 p.m. in my room for the Balaret trip! Volunteer Breakfast Friday morning  from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. This is for most of you - so please join us! 
Reading: The students finished My Brother Sam is Dead and seemed to have enjoyed the novel! They turned in their book responses on Friday, and received credit for the pages toward their reading goals that were due today. This week, the students will be using events from the novel to create a two page newspaper about the American Revolution. The students will be working in small groups and have chosen assignments that mostly relate to their personal learning style. 
Math:Students are continuing to work on the rough draft of their art piece "Math in Art." After sending out surveys, collecting and analyzing data, the student pieces will revolve around the themes of Nature and Friendship. Thank you to those parents and family members who filled out surveys for us! Mathematically, we will be w…

Week of April 23rd - April 27th

We made it through testing and the kids did fabulous! We celebrated last week with pizza, popcorn, some fruit and a little movie watching of "Pete's Dragon." I am so proud of all the work these kids have accomplished this year!

Reading: We are wrapping up our novel, My  Brother Sam is Dead, this week. All students should be finishing Chapters 10-14, as well as the epilogue and completing their response questions. All response questions are due by the end of the day Friday to Google Classroom. I checked all responses (up to chapter 10) over the weekend, and they all look great! I love the thoughtfulness the kids put into their reading.

Next week, the students are working in groups to create a newspaper from the 1770's about the novel and the American Revolution. Editors were assigned, groups chosen,  and each student selected a job within their group. Jobs include editors, head writers, and photojournalists. I am really interested in what these kids are going to create…