Science Fair

Completed Science Fair projects are due on Monday, January 8th. Please check your child's science fair folder, as well as the Science Tab on this website, for detailed directions on what should be included on the display board. Late projects will be deducted 10 points for each day that it is late! 

We will be "tweaking" our projects during science on Monday. Students will then have presentations on their project, Tuesday - Thursday of that week. Students will be graded on their overall project, as well as the presentation.

Please remember, this should be a student completed project with minimal parental guidance - I am not expecting perfectionism :)

If you have questions about your science fair project, or just want to bring it in early, I will be having a Science Fair project Help Session, Friday January 5th from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. This is the only time I will be available for assistance, so please be respectful of the time you arrive and leave! Please email me befor…

Processes that Shape Earth's Surface

Students will have a unit test on "Processes that shape the Earth's surface" this week. To study, students can use any of the resources below, as well as their study guide!

Slide Lesson on Physical Weathering
Slide Lesson on Chemical Weathering
Ted Ed Video: Why is Mount Everest So Tall?
Ted Ed Video: How North America Got its Shape
Crash Course Kids: A change of scenery
Crash Course Kids: Types of Landforms
Study Jams: Weathering and Erosion
Study Jams: Landforms

Forces that Change the Earth Article (Review)

Excerpt from "Landscapes on the Edge: New Horizons for Research on Earth's Surface
 National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine (College Level Text)

Interviewers Needed!

Students are applying for jobs in Ameritowne this week. We are in need of parent volunteers who are interested in "interviewing" students for their job on Tuesday, December 19th at 3:00 p.m. Parents will be given a list of questions to ask the students who are applying for their specific position. Jobs include: banking, college president, accountant, counselors, managers, cashiers, editors, sales people, graphic artists, typists, tv reporters, police officers, field technicians and photo journalists.

If you are interested in helping out and interviewing students next Tuesday, please let me know via email at

Science Fair

The students should have their Final Project Plan completed by Monday. The Project Plan should be typed, and is a final, neat-and-tidy, copy of all that we have done so far to prepare for science fair.

Students should be beginning their actual experimentation next week. Students may be conducting these experiments in class, or at home. If the students are conducting experiments in class, they are in responsible for bringing the necessary materials needed to complete their project!

Holiday Gifts

During the upcoming holiday time, the class will be focusing  on the Season of Giving, instead of the Season of Getting. As a class, we will be coming up with an idea for a charity to donate too or volunteer for, as well as completing small daily acts of kindness not only around school, but at home and in our community as well. As December rolls around, please encourage your child to participate in small acts of kindness at home as well!

In lieu of teacher gifts this season, the class and I thought about possibly donating fun, challenging or creative board and word games towards the classroom for student use. Students have also requested a "class Keurig" machine as well for use during snack time (I know....I created a monster during Thanksgiving!) Families could also consider donating the funds for a gift to the charity that the students choose in the following weeks!

Look for updates in the future about our holiday party. The students are planning something really fun!

As al…

Science Fair

Science fair has begun and will be wrapping up the week before Christmas Break. Our science fair projects this year will revolve around the topic "Changes to the Earth's surface." The week before Thanksgiving Break, our class did some research about different factors that change the surface of our planet. This could include physical and chemical weathering through multiple methods, as well as weather or natural disasters. The students gave short presentations on a topic of their choice, which helped us to get a better idea of a specific topic we may want to explore for our science fair projects.

Earlier this month, the students were given a "Fridge Letter" that gave due dates and important information about their science fair projects. The students were also given a Science Fair Project schedule that will be kept in their Science Fair Folder and used to grade as we go along in our scientific process. Each student should have a science fair folder (with pockets …